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What to expect from your Aftercare Concierge

At no additional cost, your Aftercare Concierge provides one-on-one support to help your patients stay healthy long after they’ve left the hospital.

Staying on top of your health after leaving the hospital can be difficult, but the support of an Aftercare Concierge can make it simple. With a dedicated Aftercare Concierge that is available when you need them, you can have all your patient’s post-hospital questions answered, and truly get the support you need to keep them healthy even after they’ve left your facility.

Patient Education

Keeps your patients updated and informed on how to keep healthy after they leave the hospital

Quality Care

Raises the standards of patient assistance for the best long-term patient health

Field/Phone/Video Support

For the most intimate and robust assistance when and where you need it

Data Analysis

Measures the effectiveness of the Aftercare Concierge Support Program through patient data sets

Best-in-Class Tools

Offered to each Aftercare Concierge Program to deliver the best-in-quality care to patients

How to enroll and the Benefits that Follow

With the highest quality and detailed analytics platform, you’ll be able to log in to our secure, HIPPA certified platform and review your patient’s progress.

To sign up for an the Aftercare Concierge Support Program, follow the link below and fill out the appropriate forms. Your Aftercare Concierge will contact your patient within one business day to give you the post-hospital support you need to keep your patients healthy.

Please note that Aftercare Concierges do not give medical advice and are trained to direct you to your health care professional for any treatment-related questions, including further referrals. They can, however, offer valuable insight, education, and support.a

How it works

  • 1 Sign up your patient with the link below and enroll in the program.
  • 2 Your dedicated Aftercare Concierge will contact your enrollee and walk them through expectations and the process
  • 3 Utilize your Aftercare Concierge and receive detailed analytics on program effectiveness in real time

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