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What to expect from our clinical teams our benefits

Being able to support your products without over burdening the commercial team can be a challenge. With Novasyte’s Clinical Consultant Teams, our support flexes up and down with your product needs, saving you the extra cost that comes with a Full-Time Employee.

Minimize SG&A Costs

With Novasyte’s support, you’ll be able to minimize costs associated with Full-Time Employees, and enjoy the benefits of having a full Clinical Consultant team ready to support your product when you need them.

Best-in-Quality Consultants

With Novasyte responsible for all recruitment, on-boarding, and hiring, you can rest assured that only the best Clinical Consultants are helping support your product in your facilities.

Clinical Consultant Teams for Every Situation

Whether you need support for a product launch, need band- width to educate your facilities on a new product, or need to upgrade products already out on the field, our Clinical teams are there for you in any situation.

Detailed Reporting Analytics

Keep track with streamlined management processes, effectiveness, and spend. These analytics will allow you to have a complete overview of all your employees activities and related spend.

What our program can do for you?

  • 2000+ Consultant pool with a multitude of skills
  • Flexible teams in line with needs of your business
  • Product Launches
  • OR Case Coverage
  • Product Conversions
  • Software Upgrades
  • Field Corrective Actions
  • Clinical teams deployable on-demand

Our Contract Clinical Teams can support your products where and when it matters.

With the highest quality and detailed analytics platform, you’ll be able to review data on a granular level in real-time while our consultants are supporting your initiatives. Our analytics allows you to track effectiveness so that you may scale your business to maximize success.

Detailed Reporting Includes

  • Detailed reporting on rollover productivity and management effectiveness.
  • Granular Tableau analytics measuring activities by account, region, product, supervisor, and task.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Analytics Reports which can be viewed by date range, category, and more.

more services clinical and technical support team when and where you need them

  • Contract Sales Organization (CSO)

    A Contract Sales Organization designed to support the market challenges facing the medical device and diagnostic industries.

    Being able to adapt your market strategy to a constantly changing healthcare landscape can be a challenge. With Novasyte’s Contract SalesTeams, our support flexes up and down...

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  • Per Diem Rollover Program (PRP)

    We remove the legal, HR and compliance issues associated with a self managed 1099/Per Diem Program.

    Legally classifying your workforce as 1099/Per Diem can be extremely risky, especially considering the bandwidth necessary to manage this group...

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  • Medical Device Recall Support

    Our Medical Device Recall Specialists can support your facilities quickly, while providing you with real-time analytics on effectiveness.

    Facing a medical device recall can be challenging in any environment. With 2,000+ field based consultants at your disposal, 100,000 hours of support logged, and over 90,000 low...

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