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24/7 Medical Device Phone Support

Our support doesn’t end on the field. With 24/7 Phone Support, your customers will always be able to get the assistance they need, when they need it.

The Scalability and Flexibility that our program offers will allow you to utilize our consultants whenever you need them, keeping your customers well supported, without the cost of a Full-Time Employee.

Detailed Call Analytics

It includes average time on call, total amount of time on calls, total calls received, and call distribution. These analytics can provide you with a better understanding of call volumes at specific periods of the day so you can scale your business appropriately.

Field/Phone/Video Support

For the most intimate and poignant assistance when and where you need it. Our highly experienced consultants are available for on-demand support to your customers however you need them.

Best-in-Class CRM Integration

It is offered to each Phone Support program to deliver the best-in-quality care to customers and the highest detailed reporting and analytics.

2000+ Consultant Network

Of highly specialized skill sets that are ready to support your product and deliver the highest level of customer care.

Best-in-Class Tools

Offered to each Aftercare Concierge Program to deliver the best-in-quality care to patients

Our detailed reporting can help you understand where and when support is needed.

With the highest quality and detailed analytics platform, you’ll be able to review data on a granular level in real-time while our consultants are supporting your initiatives. Our analytics allows you to track effectiveness so that you may scale your business to maximize success.

Detailed Reporting Includes

  • Analytical interface that can be modified with specific fields based on client’s needs.
  • Service Level Agreement Metrics that can assure each consultant that supports you is providing the highest level of service quality, and task.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly CRM Reports which can be viewed by date range, category, and reason for call.

more services clinical and technical support team when and where you need them

  • Aftercare Concierge Support Program

    Help your patients start and stay healthy even after they’ve left your facility.

    At no additional cost, your Aftercare Concierge provides one-on-one support to help your patients stay healthy long after they’ve left the hospital.

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  • Contract Clinical Teams

    Providing you with the support your product needs, wherever you need it.

    Being able to support your products without over burdening the commercial team can be a challenge. With Novasyte’s Clinical Consultant Teams, our support flexes up and down with your product needs, saving you the extra cost that comes with a Full-Time Employee.

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  • Contract Sales Organization (CSO)

    A Contract Sales Organization designed to support the market challenges facing the medical device and diagnostic industries.

    Being able to adapt your market strategy to a constantly changing healthcare landscape can be a challenge. With Novasyte’s Contract SalesTeams, our support flexes up and down...

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