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we're hiring

what we do sales, clinical and field service teams when and where you need them

  • Contract Sales Teams

    We built our platform to support medical device and diagnostic customers needs

    Over 2500 consultants. Locally engaged. Regionally networked. Globally connected.

  • Contract Clinical Teams

    We flex up and down with both your business and your customers needs

    $300M+ in supported product install, conversion and education

  • Contract Field Service Teams

    Partner with the leading company that can mobilize within a four week time frame

    $500M+ in supported field service and product recall initiatives

how we do it novasyte’s unique process and methods


With an existing base of 2500+ consultants and a robust recruiting and screening program we can build the team you need, whenever you need them.


A multi-channel support platform: field teams, contact center and video chat support.


Enterprise wide scheduling tools, expense management, mobile time and attendance supported by a dedicated Account Manager.


Weekly analytics measuring sales call activity, clinical support and trend analysis giving you a 360 view of each account.

where we do it novasyte’s multi-channel approach to engagement

  • Field Teams

    With Novasyte’s traditional field based teams, your customers engage face-face with a pre-trained brand representative. Your message, your marketing, your branding. We treat every opportunity with as much as care as if it were our own product.

  • Phone Teams

    The med-tech industry is in need of innovative, cost-saving solutions. 24/7 phone support is an ideal way to reduce overall costs while not sacrificing quality of support. Novasyte offers an array of phone support solutions including inside sales teams and clinical support hotlines.

  • Video Teams

    A video chat with a highly trained support representative allows your company to maintain an active presence in your accounts without having to maintain a physical one. Support on demand with live video to help drive home the key points and assure your customers remain satisfied.

who we do it for some insights and testimonials from our clients

why choose us let us help you turn a challenge into an opportunity

  • Inception To Deployment

    Within four weeks, Novasyte builds and deploys your defined go-to-market teams ready to engage. With over 2500 consultants in North America, Novasyte customizes solutions to meet changing customer needs.

    “Access to physicians is increasingly restricted. So, as conventional sales forces struggle to remain effective....Those with foresight are starting to realize that the time has come to rethink their commercial models.”
    McKinsey & Company, "the eYe of the storm: Mastering Complexity with New Commercial Models"
  • Device & Diagnostic Focused

    Now more than ever, the med-tech industry needs to find innovative ways to do more with less. Top tier med-tech companies partner with Novasyte because of our deep focus and experience in the device and diagnostic arena. The challenges facing the med-tech industry are unique to the pharmaceutical industry...partner with the company that specializes.

    “Many medical device companies are taking a hard look at ways to save costs and improve efficiency...a common strategy is substituting traditional field sales roles with more effective channels or new roles that are less expensive than traditional field sales representatives.”
    ZS “Designing a High-Performance Medical Device Sales Model”
  • Best In Class Analytics & Reporting

    Novasyte believes that our sales teams, clinical teams and field service teams are the tip of the spear when it comes to data. Novasyte's 360 Account review analytics provides a granular look at the outcomes derived from all actions in the field.

    “The biggest opportunities for the medtech sector to create value will come from remarkably low-tech solutions....many new approaches will involve expanding into a services model”
    Ernst & Young, “Pulse of the Industry: Medical Technology Report 2013”

who we are not outsourced support, your new partner

Founded by two former Covidien executives; supported by a senior team with diverse backgrounds in the healthcare industry.

We provide innovative, quick to market sales teams, clinical teams and field service teams for the healthcare industry in the US and Canada covering the Medical Device and Medical Diagnostic segments.

Our rapid delivery service model brings together the best in class people, systems and processes to help our customers successfully manage the commercial needs of large scale sales, education and support initiatives.

We are in the trenches with you.

We come from where you come from.

We know the problems you are facing.

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